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The 2020 Network

Home to all things Canadian politics, policy and national affairs. Produced at the Canada 2020 Studios in Ottawa, the 2020 Network is for the #cdnpoli nerd in us all. Subscribe today.

The 2020 Network

Multiple shows. One network.

Wonk With Mike

Hosted by Alex Paterson, Quality Content spends time with the people making, breaking or working behind the scenes of the headlines in Canadian politics and government. Some people you know, some people you should get to know, and Quality Content is your home for good conversation with them all.

Hosted by Canada 2020’s Mike Moffatt, is a weekly deep-dive into the world of economics, statistics, and the nitty-gritty, number-crunching world of policy development in Canada. With regular appearances from the #cdnecon Twitter crowd, Wonk With Mike gives context to the numbers behind Canada’s biggest policy challenges.

Explain Like I'm Five

...and more shows on the way

ELI5 is a new podcast from Canada 2020 recorded live in Ottawa in front of a studio audience. Hosted by Aaron Reynolds, ELI5 s a semi-weekly panel show that asks participants to take a hot, but complex topic and “explain it like I’m 5.” From cryptocurrencies to machine learning to pharmacare, ELI5 is fun, fast-paced and, for once, an explainer show for a Canadian audience.

Quality Content


Our weekly wrap-up chat show. Anything and everything from the week in politics, government and policy is on the table. Featuring a recurring cast, with a rotating core of special guests (press gallery, MPs, think-tank friends), /Thread caps off the week on Fridays by taking an irreverent and insightful look back at the week’s events.

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